Updated: May 05, 2017
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Japanese Sweets To Eat On May 5th : Kashiwa-mochi And Chimaki

Kashiwa-mochi and Chimaki are Japanese confectionery for boy's festival at May 5th. Those are on sale between the end of April and May 5.


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Kashiwa-mochi using Kashiwa leaves was made in the Edo period. Kashiwa leaves are said to be an auspicious "descendant prosperity" because old leaves will not fall until sprouts grow. The culture of providing Kashiwa-mochi for the festival of the Edo period was thought to have spread throughout Japan through Sankin-kotai(alternate attendance, a daimyo's alternate-year residence in Edo).
There are Miso paste, smashed sweeted beans, strained sweet red beans and so on.
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It has been said that Chimaki has the effect of paying evil.
Also, it has been thought that there is a meaning to protect yourself from immunity improvement and disease and calamity.
For these reasons "We wish for children's healthy growth" Japanese eating chimaki.
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As the selling time is limited, try it if you see it!

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