Updated: May 16, 2017
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3 Tasty Japanese Foods That Will Delight Your Taste Buds

When visiting Japan there are three specific foods that will delight you. Sushi, Kobe beef and a sukiyaki hot pot simply must be tasted.


The first of these dishes is the traditional Japanese sushi. Although popular in other countries the Japanese version is truly superb.

Japanese sushi is a combination of vinegared rice, vegetables, tropical fruits, sushi-meshi and usually uncooked seafood. The main ingredient in all types of sushi is either white rice or brown rice.
Retina sushi
Most sushi is made with raw seafood although there are varieties made from different types of cooked ingredients. Vegetarian sushi is also popular as well as delicious.

Traditional sushi is usually served with shoyu - a specially brewed soy sauce as condiment; pickled daikon and/or shredded pickled daikon radish as garnishes; wasabi and pickled ginger to clean palate between. Japanese sushi is served in many different forms including hand press (nigiri), roll (maki), rectangular mold & press (oshizushi), fish stuffed (sugatazushi), fermented (narezushi), etc.
Retina raw seafood top on sushi
Many individuals confuse sushi with sashimi, the dish in which raw thin slice fish/meat are serve alone without sushi rice bedding.
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Kobe beef

The second Japanese dish of note is Kobe beef. The flavor is distinctive and the taste is nothing less than absolutely delicious, the kind of an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The term Kobe is in reference to beef that comes from the Tajima cattle strain. These are Wagyu cattle and have strict rules enforced by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. These cattle are raised in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.
Retina kobe beef
Kobe beef has long been considered a delicacy. The meat is famous for its well marbled and fatty texture, the incredible tenderness and the distinctive flavor.

Kobe beef can be prepared in numerous different ways including Teppanyaki, sashimi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, sushi wrapping and steak. Kobe beef is one of the top brands of beef and is referred to as Sandai Wagyuu.

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Sukiyaki hot pot

The third delicacy not to be missed is called a sukiyaki hot pot. This dish receives its name because it is served and prepared in the Japanese hot pot style known as nabemono.

The dish is usually prepared with premium beef sliced extremely thin. The beef is then simmered directly on the table along with assorted ingredients and vegetables.
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In certain areas such as Hokkaidō and Niigata pork is used in place of the beef. Tofu, a type of scallion called Negi, enokitake or shiitake mushrooms, shungiku and cabbage are used with the pork.

Jelly nor shirataki noodles are added to the dish shortly before it has finished cooking to absorb the excess broth.

A shallow pot made of iron is used for the sliced beef and contains mirin, sugar and soy sauce. After being cooked, the ingredients are dipped into raw eggs that have been beaten. The dish is then ready to be consumed.

A sukiyaki hot pot is considered by the Japanese to be a winter dish. The delicacy is often found at Japanese parties at the end of the year called bōnenkai.

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I love sushi and many things in Japan.

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