Updated: June 22, 2017
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3 Lovely Shitamachi Neighbourhoods in Tokyo

Tokyo is a vibrant city but it can get a tad overwhelming. Luckily, there are some quiet and quaint Shitamachi (下町) neighbourhoods where you can get a feel of life in olden Japan. Check them out!

1. Yanesen

Yomisedori shopping street taito bunkyo tokyo 2009 https://goo.gl/2WiiFY
Located in the Bunkyo ward, Yanesen is actually an acronym that stands for the neighbourhoods of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi. Mercifully left unscathed from the fire bombings during World War II, Yanesen boasts lots of charming back streets and interesting landmarks harking back to the Edo era.

Among the attractions not to missed out are Nezu Shrine, Yomisedori Shopping Street, Tennouji Temple, and even Yanaka Cemetery!

2. Fukagawa

Fukagawa ninjou street https://goo.gl/sUKeCh
Fukagawa is another area where you can soak in atmospheric Edo-era vibes. You are guaranteed to be spellbound by the magnificent scenery here - and no wonder. Its picturesque views are said to have inspired legendary Ukiyoe paintings.

Aside from natural scenery, Fukagawa also has workshops where artisanal craftsmen leverage time-honoured techniques to make exquisite Edo glass and Edo komon (Edo-dyed cloth). Have fun immersing yourself in the world of art. Last but not least, after you are done exploring this area, you may choose to take a break at Blue Bottle Coffee, which is a hit with caffeine junkies!

3. Mukojima

Mukujima hyakkaen   winter2014 https://goo.gl/71sRD5
Sumida Ward is famous for its Sumida River Fireworks Festival, but do you know that it is also where nostalgic Mukojima is located? Take a leisurely stroll along Shitamachi Ninjo Kirakira Tachibana Shotengai and Hatonomachi Dori Shotengai where you can still absorb the vibes emanating from the pre-war Showa Period.

More importantly, if you visit Mukujima Hyakkaen, you will be able to enjoy a great view of Tokyo Skytree!
Isn't it great that Tokyo offers some niche areas where you can temporarily escape from its hustle and bustle and just savour some downtime? Have fun exploring these Shitamachi neighbourhoods!

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