Updated: September 09, 2017
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5 Beautiful Bridges in Japan

A nation steeped in history and technological innovations, it's not surprising that Japanese bridges are a spectacular sight. Here are 5 such bridges you should check out!

1) Tsujun Bridge

Tsujunkyo1 https://goo.gl/eBXvCB
Ever heard of a bridge that gushes out water powerfully? What a marvellous sight it must be to behold! In Yamato City, Kumamoto Prefecture, you can find this bridge called Tsujun Bridge that discharges water at 1pm from April-May and from August-November. Apparently, Tsujun Bridge consists of 3 stone aqueducts that are used to transport tonnes of water for agricultural purposes every day, so it needs to gush out water to keep the aqueducts in tip-top condition.

2) Kintaikyo Bridge

Kintaikyo bridge in 2006 https://goo.gl/H873VC
Be spellbound by the Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Not only does it boast five spectacular arches - a feature already unheard of for bridges in generally - it was constructed in 1673 without the use of any nails! You have got to hand it to the Japanese traditional craftsmen for their display of ingenuity and technical wizardry!

3) Meganebashi Bridge

Nagasakimeganebashi1 https://goo.gl/PrRRwA
Another aesthetically pleasing bridge is the Meganebashi Bridge in Nagasaki Prefecture. Hailed as the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan, this monumental double-arched bridge makes for great photos as the reflection it casts on the water resembles a pair of eyeglasses.

4) Iya Vine Bridge

Iya vine bridge 1 https://goo.gl/7CqJxC
Trust the Japanese to construct a bridge out of living things. In the Iya Valley in Tokushima Prefecture, you can find three vine bridges that are the only means for you to cross the Iya river: one bridge in Nishi Iya and a pair of bridges in Higashi Iya. This vine is a variety called actinidia argute that is native to Japan and is sturdy enough to support the weight of human beings!

5) Rainbow Bridge

Flickr   shinrya   odaiba%e3%81%8a%e5%8f%b0%e5%a0%b4 tokyo bay 2 https://goo.gl/g5nCYL
Any list of bridges will not be complete without a mention of the architectural feat that is the Rainbow Bridge. Stretched over Tokyo Bay, it really does look like a rainbow, especially during the evening when it will be illuminated in bright colors! Remember to visit it during August when the Tokyo Bay Fireworks festival is held. It will be a magnificient sight - with the kaleidoscopic fireworks juxtaposed against the Rainbow Bridge!

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