Updated: July 15, 2017
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Noumizo Falls : Awesome Waterfall And Yummy Foods

Chiba Prefecture is next to Tokyo, and until Waterfall it is a distance 2 - 3 hours from Tokyo by train or car. You can meet a awesome waterfall and delicious pizza!

Awesome Waterfall

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"Noumizo Fall" is a waterfall in "Shimizu Keiryu Park" in Chiba that was made into an artificial cave dug in the Edo period. It is a spot where you can enjoy beautiful landscape in the spring to September or during the autumn leaves season.
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Many people go to see waterfall early in the morning because the morning sun will be able to enjoy the fantastic beauty.
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In addition, it may be possible to appreciate fireflies from June to July.

Village's pizzeria "Campagna"

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In this restaurant, you can enjoy pizza which used main ingredients of local Chiba prefecture.
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Napoli pizza baked at a temperature of around 400 degrees in a stone oven for pizza! Pizza craftworker is "Pizzaiolo", approved by European · Pizza craftsman · restaurant association.
It is a popular restaurant for locals.
And it is around 20 minutes by car from the waterfall.

村のピザ屋 カンパーニャ (Mura no pizza ya "Campagya")
Village's pizzeria "Campagna"
296, Otomi, Kimitsu-shi, Chiba, 292-0512, Japan

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