Updated: July 17, 2017
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Amami Oshima With An Untouched Nature That Is Said To Be The Japanese Version "The Closest Island To Heaven"

Japan's southern island with a beautiful ocean and untouched nature. Amami Oshima is in Kagoshima prefecture. You can enjoy Marin sports and awesome nature. It is also known that there is an art museum in Tanaka Isson, a painter known as Gauguin in Japan.

Culture Similar To Okinawa, But Slightly Different

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Although it was included in the Ryukyus cultural area since ancient times, culture differs subtly from Okinawa. There are also many parts close to the culture of Kagoshima, forming a culture halfway between Okinawa and the mainland.
Okinawa's "Shima Uta(島唄)" and Amami Oshima's "Shima Uta(シマ唄)" are the same name, but melodic and singing methods are quite different. "Shima Uta" means a folk song of a hometown, and there is a difference for each village.

Awesome Ocean And Untouched Nature

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Compared to Okinawa it is late for tourism landscape and you can enjoy untouched nature.
In the beauty of the sea, abundance of nature, Amami Oshima does not take over in Okinawa.
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Recommended for snorkeling and diving.
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Amami Oshima also has a coast where good waves come and surfers can be enjoyed.
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You can also enjoy canoes and kayaks in the mangrove forest.
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We also recommend trekking. Tangyo Falls is informal, but boasts the head of Kyushu's first with a water drops about 106 meters. Why is it informal, it seems because the waterfall is too much in the hidden scenic spot and can not be measured correctly.
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Heart rock with rare value that can be seen or invisible depending on the season and time. If you can see the mysterious Heart Rock, you will definitely be in love fulfillment! Is it?

Put It In Your List As One Of The Candidates For The Trip!

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