Updated: July 20, 2017
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School Building Will Be Reborn

In Japan, the declining birthrate and the aging population are proceeding. As the number of children has decreased, schools have been integrated, and the number of school buildings that are no longer being used has increased. And now, attempts to reuse school buildings that are no longer used as schools are being promoted in various places.

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The declining birthrate and aging population and the depopulation of local regions.
In Japan, the declining birthrate and aging population advances, and it continues to decrease without turning around. Particularly in local regions, the tendency is strong, the shortage of successors and depopulation are becoming serious.
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Regional creation is one of the important efforts in Japan.
As a part of it, attempts to revitalize the area by reusing school buildings that are no longer used are increasing.
School buildings learned by children in the area are often symbols of the area, and efforts to reuse it have been actively carried out.
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It is used as a local community center, it is used as an event venue, various projects are tried.
There is a school that is reusing as an art space near Tokyo's Akihabara.
Recently, cloud funding has become popular in Japan, and the number of projects for revitalizing school using cloud funding is on the rise.
It is sad that the school that passed when we were a child disappears. It is nice to be reused as a base for regional revitalization!

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