Updated: July 23, 2017
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Tips To Make Good Sushi At Home

Sushi making has always been an art that has fascinated people from all over the world. Even though making your own sushi may sound hard, the entire process can be incredibly simpler if you could use a few tips and tricks. From start to finish, these quick tricks helps making sushi process more efficient, giving you a beautiful and delicious artwork at the end!

Fish It Out!

Retina fish on sushi
One of the first things to pay attention to when making sushi is the kind of ingredients that you use. Traditional sushi is made with fish, which is raw. While this might sound a bit repulsive to some, it is how the dish is traditionally prepared in Japan. The fish used in this process is a special sushi-grade fish, usually flash-freeze to kill off parasites before reaching consumer hands. So when buying fishes to make sushi, be sure to buy from a trusted source who will handle the raw fishes with care to avoid health safety issues. Best fresh fish will make the best sushi, period.
More about Sushi Ingredients:

Avoid A Sticky Situation

Retina sushi rice
Sushi rice is a main ingredient for making sushi. Good sushi rice is sticky so that it can stay together and keep the sushi intact. This stikiness most often due to the type of rice that was used and also the additional amount of sugar was added to season the rice. Sushi chefs often keep a bowl of water & vinegar nearby to keep wetting their hands in between. So you can have a small bowl of water & vinegar, ratio is about 2:1 next to your rolling mat. If you must do an uramaki, cover your bamboo mat or roller with plastic wrap. Some rice paddles also have small grid in them to avoid rice sticking to, get one to spread your rice with if necessary.

Cut It Out

Retina sushi knife
A good sushi knife is probably the best friend of a sushi maker. Investing in a good sushi knife is a must if you plan to make sushi on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that fish is too soft and to have a clean smooth cut, you need a sharp enough knife going in one straight solid direction. Knife has to be sharp with no hindrant or mark. Dedicate specific knifes for sashimi cutting and you will find your sashimi come out on par with those luxurious restaurants. If you’re not that sashimi-crazed to have a dedicated sashimi knife cause they are not cheap at all, you could also chill the fish in the freezer before hand, Half frozen fishes are easier to cut into smooth surface, even with just a regular kitchen knife. Sharpening your knife before cutting though. For sushi roll, wrap it with a plastic wrap and wet your knife between cut will help keep sushi pieces stay at their perfect beauty.

Practice Your Heart Out

Retina making sushi rolls
Making the perfect sushi is an art that requires skills and lots of practice. Nobody was born a perfect sushi chef on the very first day. If it is your first time trying to make sushi, chances are that your sushi won't come out as perfectly as you would see at a restaurant or in a cookbook. Be content and it will be better the next time. Fortunately, for those who want to enjoy sushi at home, but don't want to go through the trouble of putting it together, there are tools to help you make that perfect looking sushi. A sushi roller like sushezy is also a full proof and one of the easiest ways to get a good roll of sushi. Several sushi making kits also have tools and guidance on how to spread the rice, roll and cutting as well.
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