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5 Things To Do In Ryogoku - Tokyo Master

Ryogoku is a famous area for Sumo. But that's not all. It is famous as the stage where the Ako incident was in the Edo era and the place where there was a residence of Ukiyoe painter and Katsushima Hokusai. Currently it is popular as a cultural spot with Ryogoku Kokugikan(a ryogoku sumo hall), Edo-Tokyo Museum and Hokusai Art Museum.

1. Forty-seven Ronin

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It was probably the most famous Adauchi(revenge by loyal retainers) in Japan in Edo era. The incident has since become legendary. It is still being played as a popular kabuki performance.
Even recently most people over the age of 35 will know the incident.
A few years ago, it became a movie in Hollywood with the starring Keanu Reeves.
There are still Kira mansion residences that have become the scenes of the scandal, and it has become a tourist attraction.
Menus and sweets made with the incident as a motif are sold at neighboring stores.
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2. The Edo-Tokyo Museum

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The Edo-Tokyo Museum opened in 1993, with the aim of collecting, preserving and exhibiting materials related to the history and culture of Edo, Tokyo which will be lost.
In addition to permanent exhibitions, exhibitions are also exhibited, and you can find out about the lives of Edo if you come here.
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3. The Sumida Hokusai Museum

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The museum opened in 2016. Ukiyo-e master, Katsushika Hokusai in the late Edo period is known for living in Sumida Ward. He is a popular Ukiyoe painter worldwide. The place where the museum is located is said to be near the birthplace of Katsushika Hokusai.
The Hokusai Art Museum is the first permanent museum in the world with Katsushika Hokusai as the sole theme.
In addition to the ukiyo-e exhibition, the state of the room has been reproduced. If you are interested in ukiyoe you should definitely go!
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4. Ryogoku Kokugikan

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It is a facility mainly for the sumo wrestling. Currently, events other than sumo wrestling are being held.
Sumo is Japanese national sports, it is still a national popular sport. The origin of sumo can be traced back to the mythical era. It is a traditional sports born in a long Japanese history.
There is a museum in Kokugikan and you can learn the history of sumo.
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5. Parks In Ryogoku

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The old Yasuda garden is a garden trace of an old Daimyo house. Trees surround the pond and you can enjoy the walking path. Yukimi lanterns are arranged, and carps and turtles are in the pond.
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Tokyo Metropolitan Yokoamicho Park is a memorial park. Many people died at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake in Taisho era, there is a memorial tower. Japan is a country with many earthquakes, but this earthquake caused a lot of damage due to secondary disasters caused by fire.

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