Updated: July 31, 2017
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Do You Know The Origin Of The Edo Komon Pattern?

Komon is derived from the name that fine patterns are contained in the whole. Edo komon, one of the representative Komon, originated from the pattern of Kamishimo (masters' regular wear) worn by various daimyo in the Edo period. It is a dyer with a very advanced dyeing technique used.


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It is said that the komon that motifs Goshoguruma meaning glamor and fortune reveals nobility. Goshoguruma is a nobleman's ride, and the pattern that only the wheels are patterned is often used.


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Hagi(Lespedeza or Japanese Clover) leaves drawn like miniature paintings are congratulatory patterns meaning "reincarnation" "new departure". It makes a person with a feeling elegant.


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Dragonflies are said to be "Insect which leads to victory" in Japan. It is said to be auspicious, as it will get rid of pests and fly positively (not fly backwards). Sengoku busho(warrior) seems to have worn a dragonfly drawn thing and went to war.

Sasa To Suzume

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It expresses pretty sparrow with motif of bamboo leaf. Sparrows are popular wild birds because they can be seen anywhere in Japan, and they often appear in children's songs and folk tales, but there is also history that has been regarded as "the messenger of God". Sparrows with bamboo, It has become an lucky item.


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Speaking of the most common and familiar flowers in Japan, that is Sakura(cherry blossoms). It is a komon pattern with cherry blossoms as a motif. It is said that cherry blossoms are the trees that God of the rice field lives in. It is said that Hanami(cherry-blossom viewing party) began to pray for rice harvesting.

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