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Dewa Sanzan : The Heart Of The Japanese Mind

Dewa Sanzan, refers to Hagurosan, Gassan, Yudonosan. It is a major mountain that divides "Dewanokuni (current Yamagata / Akita)" between east and west. It is a popular place as a sightseeing spot and place of mountain worship. Even now, many examinees and worshipers visit.


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Hagurosan is a mountain with an altitude of 414 meters in Yamagata Prefecture. Known as the sacred place of mountain worship.
Hagurosan five-story pagoda near the stone steps leading to the shrine is a five-story pagoda of the Muromachi period in Mt.Haguro. There is a big cedar "Okina sugi (grand cedar)" of 1000 years old near. It is said to be the oldest pagoda in Tohoku district, and was designated as a national treasure in 1966.
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There are 2446 stone steps leading to the shrine. In order for us to arrive at the sacred place, Shugyo is a necessity ....
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Sanjingosaiden (三神合祀殿) is an important cultural asset of the country. The current building was completed in 1818. More than 50,000 carpenters and craftsmen were mobilized for construction. Gods of Gassan · Hagurosan · Yudonosan are enshrined.
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Gassan is the highest mountain in Dewa sanzan, altitude 1984 meters. It is a place of Shugendo & mountain worships since ancient times. There is a Gassan shrine on the top of the mountain and it is enshrining the Tukuyomi-no-mikoto(god). The shrine holds the faith of the common people.
You can drive by car to the altitude of 1400 meters, but it takes about 3 hours on foot from there to the summit. I will recommend you to prepare for mountain climbing.
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Midagahara Marshland in the vicinity of 1,400 meters in Mt. Gassan is filled with hundreds of alpine plants in early summer, and many tourists visit each year. You can enjoy awesome landscape!
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Yudonosan is the second highest mountain in Dewa sanzan, 1504 meters above sea level. Unlike Gassan Shrine and Dewa Shrine, Yudonosan shrine has no main hall or shrine. Yudonosan is the object of mountain faith since ancient times, and it is forbidden to create a place of artificial religion as Gods are enshrined in the mountain itself.
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Even now, it is said that in the main shrine of Yudonosan shrine, it becomes barefoot and you need to take a purification ceremony when visiting. It is a divine area isolated from this world.
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