Updated: August 15, 2017
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Great Ways To Enjoy Tokoroten

Summer is blazing hot in Japan, but what better opportunity to tuck into some special dishes to cool yourself down than in summer? Tokoroten is one such dish, and here are 2 awesome ways to savour it!

What Is Tokoroten?

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This succulent chilled dish is made by extracting jelly after seaweeds like tengusa and ogonori. This resulting jelly is subsequently pressed in a wooden mold to be shaped into noodles that boast a firmer texture than noodles made with grains. These noodles can then be enjoyed in myriad ways, depending on the region in Japan!

1) Enjoy Tokoroten Sweet

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When tokoroten is made up of kobuto (dark brown sugar) and granulated sugar, it can be enjoyed as a sweet dessert. Be sure to add some sweet red beans, mochi, and fruits to accentuate the sweetness! In fact, in the Kansai region, people eat tokoroten with black honey!

2) Eat Tokoroten Sour

Tokoroten https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tokoroten.jpg
On the other hand, people in the Kanto region as well as in Hiroshima and Nagoya like their tokoroten noodles sour as they usually eat it served with rice vinegar and soy sauce. Those who like a tinge of spice in their food will also enjoy it with karashi (hot Japanese mustard) while others will add seaweed and toasted sesame seeds as toppings.
Tokoroten noodles not only help you remain cool in scorching hot summer, but are also a healthy option as they are not as calorie-heavy as other kinds of noodles like pasta. Why don't you try sweet tokoroten and sour tokoroten out sometime?

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