Updated: August 20, 2017
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3 Special Experiences You Can Gain in Summer

Wish to gain some unique experiences in summer in Japan - experiences that you can't gain elsewhere in the world? We've got you covered. Here are 3 exclusive experiences not to be missed!

1) Kawadoko

Kibune kawadoko https://goo.gl/tZvE6G
Kyotoites calmly go about their daily routine in spite of the scorching summer heat. This is so because of their time-cherished custom of kawadoko, a kind of al-fresco dining that allows them to tuck into their meals on dining platforms suspended above a river. Dating back to the Edo era (1603-1868), they can feel refreshed as they get nourished by scrumptious food and rejuvenated by the calming rhythmic sound of the waters.

If you are interested to try out kawadoko, do make your way over to Kamogawa River and Kibune in Kyoto.

2) Shoro Nagashi

Sho ro bune%2cbon bune%2ckatori city%2cjapan https://goo.gl/Rk2EEk
Summer is also when Japanese people celebrate the Obon festival, where they return to their ancestral family homes and visit their ancestors' graves.

If you visit Kumamoto, Saga and Nagasaki Prefectures on August 15, you can witness how natives in these areas commemorate their dead loved ones with the "Shoro Nagashi" (Spirit Boat Procession). Huge colorful boats with candle lights that symbolize people's souls will be released to float on rivers. Surviving loved ones will then keep a keen eye on these boats as they feel like they are sending these souls back to Heaven.

3) Mount Fuji

Fuji san 4 https://goo.gl/4j9W6P
Regardless of whether you have travelled to Japan or not, you are probably familiar with the image of the majestic Mount Fuji glistening in the sunlight. Come summer, climbing enthusiasts can get up close and personal with her unparalleled beauty as they can hike Mount Fuji from July to early September.

If you are a novice at climbing or even a couch potato, don't worry, as you can attempt the most popular trail, Yoshida. Expert climbers can challenge their limits by taking on the more strenuous Fujinomiya and Gotemba trails. No matter what route you undertake, be prepared to stare in awe at the spellbinding goroke (sunrise)!
From eating to climbing to sharing a tender moment with Japanese people, this article details three ways in which you can boast your street credibility with experiences that are only available in summer in Japan. Have a fantabulous time!

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