Updated: August 19, 2017
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The Meaning Is Similar Japanese, But Be Careful When Using It!

When we become a society person, we learn business manner. Even though the meaning of Japanese is the same, there are words that newcomers should not speaks their seniors and bosses. Please be careful as it changes with who you speak!

Difference Between "Gokurousama" and "Otsukaresama"

This word is often used when we leave the office or when hard work has ended.
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Gokurousama is the language the boss speaks to his subordinates. There is meaning of labor that "Good job!". Also, it is also the word the older speaks to the younger.
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Otsukaresama has the same meaning as Gokurousama, but Otsukaresama can be used against anyone. You can use it for your boss and for your colleagues, and it's okay whether you are older or younger!
If you talk to someone when you leave the office, it is recommended to say "Otsukaresama".

Difference Between "Ryokai shimashita" And "Shouchi shimashita" or "Kashikomarimashita"

It is Japanese that you use when you are asked for something. These have the meaning of saying "I understand, I will do it."
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However, caution is necessary when using "Ryokai shimashita". This is a word you should not use for your boss or older person. Let's use it for your colleagues, your subordinates, and younger persons.
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"Shouchi shimashita" or "Kashikomarimashita" is a word used for your superiors and superiors. It is not a mistake to use this for your subordinates, but your subordinates may be bewildered.
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"Kashikomarimashita" is a more polite expression than "Shouchi shimashita".
In the hospitality industry such as hotels, we use "Kashikomarimashita" when employees receive requests from customers.

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