Updated: August 27, 2017
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4 Must-Visit Flower Festivals In Summer

Come summer, Japan transforms into a magnificent tapestry of colors as diverse flowers blossom to radiate beauty and grace. Here are 4 great flower festivals you should visit!

1) Sunflower Festival

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Very few things uplift your spirits than huge fields of yellow sunflowers facing the sun, their vibrancy a joy to behold. In fact, some sunflower festivals showcase sunflowers that are taller than you, so it is fun to lose yourself amidst the field and marvel at the magnificence of Mother Nature.

Several popular sunflower festivals come to mind: Kiyose Festival (Tokyo), Zama Festival (Kanagawa) and Hokuryu (Hokkaido).

2) Lavender Festival

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The color of royalty, purple has a calming effect that makes you feel tranquil and refreshed. Feast your eyes on the large fields of vividly purple lavenders juxtaposed against the crystal-blue sky and feel your worries melt away.

Check out these prominent lavender festivals: Furano (Hokkaido), Tambara Lavender Park (Gunma) and Lake Kawaguchiko (Yamanashi)

3) Iris Festival

Miyajidake jinja iris festival 06 https://goo.gl/U3BDB2
Iris fields are bound to arrest your eyes due to their varied colors: purple, blue and white. This means that you can capture their beauty for your Instagram updates from many different perspectives! What's more, they emit a fragrance that will make you feel that paradise is on earth.

These iris festivals are worth a visit: Lake Kagurame (Oita) and Katsushika Iris Festival (Tokyo).

4) Lily Festival

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Gain two entirely different experiences from these two lily festivals. If you visit Ie Village in Okinawa in May, you will be treated to the gorgeous sight of more than one million white lilies holding their own against the turquoise ocean.

Then when you visit Oze Iwakura Lily Garden in Gunma, you can get up close with three million lilies of an astounding 50 varieties in myriad colors: pink, yellow, red, orange, among others!
Summer may be hot, but there's something to be said about feeling the warm sunshine on your skin while enjoying the stunning sight of flowers. Have fun!

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