Updated: September 05, 2017
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Small Fireworks : Senko Hanabi

Japanese children like to enjoy fireworks in the summer. There are various fireworks, but the Senko hanabi is a fireworks that everyone likes. There is no flashy, but there is a quaint atmosphere and adults like it, too.

What Is Senko Hanabi(線香花火)

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Senko hanabi (incense-stick fireworks) is a kind of Japanese traditional fireworks, you can enjoy having it in your hand.
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A Senko is an incense that has been molded and dried into thin rods or spirals.
However, when we say "Senko(線香)" usually incense for Buddha and tombs, or incense for avoiding mosquitoes. Incense to enjoy scent is often called "Kou(お香)". The origin of the name of "Senko hanabi" is supposed to be that it enjoyed fireworks in an incense burner like an Senko in the Edo period.

That Fireworks Has A Quaint Atmosphere

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Senko hanabi attracts people.
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While feeling a dainty atmospherz and calm, also feeling nostalgia.
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When I was a child, I enjoyed the fireworks in the garden. The end was always a Senko hanabi.

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