Updated: September 09, 2017
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What Is "Choyo No Sekku(重陽の節句)"?

On that day Japanese celebrate longevity and enjoy chrysanthemum flowers. It is an event originating from China, it merged with Japanese culture and became the present event.

Choyo(重陽)is a Japanese term used to refer to one of the 5 sekku which are days marking changes in the seasons. Choyo's another name is a "Kiku no sekku(Chrysanthemum Festival)"
It is September 9th. The Japanese celebrate longevity on this day.
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Events that enjoy chrysanthemums are held in various places. When you go to a shrine or a temple at this time, you may be able to enjoy the chrysanthemum flowers.
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We pray for longevity, decorating chrysanthemums and drink sake with a chrysanthemum petal on it. Since ancient times, the fragrance of chrysanthemum has been believed to have the power to purge evil spirits.
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Have fun with "菊酒(Kikuka-shu)" too!

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