Updated: December 03, 2017
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3 Great Souvenirs To Buy At Haneda Airport

Omiyage (souvenirs). You need to buy them for friends and family back home, but are simply too busy with sightseeing to shop. Don't worry! Here are 3 awesome products you can buy at Haneda Airport!

1) Tokyo Banana cakes

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Tokyo Banana is renowned the world over for its delectable banana-shaped cakes that wows people with their fragrant inner cream. These cakes are made from exquisite strained banana puree, hence the banana shape. Tokyo Banana offers a wide range of flavors such as giraffe-spotted banana caramel custard cakes and maple-flavored castella cakes, so go buy them all!

2) Ginza Wakana cheese

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Cheese lovers will be drawn to this sakekasu x cheese product from Ginza Wakana. Sakekasu refers to sake lees, which are the leftovers from the sake making process. Ginza Wakana offers a sakekasu x cheese souvenir that boasts a tantalising rum and raisin flavor. Enjoy this intriguing nuanced flavor!

3) Sugar Butter Tree cookies

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Another souvenir that will grab a hold on your heart is the scrumptious cookies from Sugar Butter Tree. Give your palate a wholesome lift with these crispy, crunchy cookies. Long famous for its addictive white chocolate flavor, Sugar Butter Tree has recently launched a Grand Fruit flavor to cater to its consumers' varied tastes. Buy them both and see which flavor you like better!
Leaving shopping to the eleventh hour can be a great strategy, since Haneda Airport offers fine omiyage such as these. Happy shopping for your loved ones back home!

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