Updated: November 24, 2015
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Rabbit Island Is Real In Japan That Has 700 Rabbits!!

Do you know there's an island in Japan, which has around 700 rabbits. The name of the island is Okunoshima, located in Hiroshima. The rabbits are not scared of poeple so, you can even touch them. (All photo by uta: https://www.facebook.com/usagijima/)

Rabbit island

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"All photo by uta"

This freaking attractive island is called Okunoshima(大久野島) in Hiroshima. This island has around 700 rabbits on it to make us happy! There were just 8 rabbits in a school at first, but they have bred rapidly after the school let them go.

What you can do in Okunoshima

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Just after you step into the island, you can easily find the rabbits because the island is really small and they are looking for someone who feeds them. Of course you can feed them if you have some vegetable or food for them. Although it's a small island, there is a hotel to stay. Also, you can go to hot spring and camping except for playing with the rabbits.

How to go to Okunoshima

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At first you should go to Tadanoumi(忠海) port to take a ferry to Ohkunoshima. If you head to Tadanoumi port from main part of Hiroshima it takes about 2 hours by train. From the port it's just 10 minutes cruising. And finally you are in a paradise.

Photo Gallery

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with sakura(cherry blossoms)
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with sunset
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with super moon
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look like stuffed toys
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They are waiting for you!

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