Updated: January 27, 2017
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3 Unique Ways Of Using "Washi" Japanese Craft Papers

Do you know "Washi" ?? Literally, it means "Japanese Paper". Find out its versatility!

Washi is the term used to describe Japanese-style paper. Incidentally, "Wa" and "Shi" mean "Japanese" and "Paper" respectively. It is made using fibers from the bark of three plants native to Japan—the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub or paper mulberry. Used for a broad spectrum of products ranging from paper bags to masking tape and origami paper, Washi paper can be used in three innovative ways that will surprise you!

#1 Washi Undershirt / Socks

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Stronger and tougher than conventional paper, it’s no wonder that Washi is combined with cotton to make Washi clothings / underwears! Not to worry, you can wash it with your other laundries.
Try wearing it sometime to get up close and personal with the functionality and beauty of Washi!

#2 Washi Dress

Wagokoro2 http://www.awagami.com/index.html
With its strength, washi is even used in dresses nowadays - even as a wedding dress, from some very famous designers.

#3 Washi Art

Speaking about washi art installations, Mr. Naoki Takenouchi, a famous Japanese artist is adept at creating such intriguing works. At Park Hotel Tokyo, you can enjoy staying in the room which was created by him, with washi arts.
Parkhoteltokyo artist room king washi2 tokyo 1600x1000 http://en.parkhoteltokyo.com/room/artist-room-king/
Japanese food!!!!

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