Updated: November 15, 2016
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6 Marvelous Dating Spots with Japanese Girl in Winter in Tokyo

Japanese girls love winter illuminations. When you go out with Japanese girls in the winter season, take her to your favorite spot below!

In Japan, Christmas is one of the biggest events for couples. In Tokyo there are many wonderful dating spots for Christmas seasons. From those, picked 6 amazing illumination spots.

#1 Tokyo Station

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東京駅(Tokyo Station) is one of the biggest stations in Japan. The building is made of red bricks and built in 1914.
At every night, the walls are illuminated, so you can see this romantic structure not only in winter.
And near Tokyo station, there are other dating spots. After enjoying illumination, you can go there with your girlfriend.

#2 Tokyo Tower

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Everyone knows Tokyo Tower. Perhaps it's the most famous building in Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is also illuminated every night. However, in Christmas season, the tall Christmas tree is below the tower. The height is over 15 meter!

#3 Roppongi Area

Roppongi is famous for Christmas illuminations. In Roppongi area, mainly 2 light-up spots are there.

#3-1 Tokyo Mid Town

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Tokyo Mid Town is famous for its illuminated carpet. Every year the concept is different. In 2014, the number of lights is over 180,000!
In front of this beautiful garden, you would feel like in the universe.

#3-2 Roppongi Hills (Keyaki-zaka)

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Keyaki is the name of the tree; Japanese Zelkova. Keyaki-Zaka is the street and the length is 400m. From this spot, you can also enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower.

#4 Omotesando Street

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Omotesando street is also the raw of Keyaki tree. Along the street, there are a lot of shops which are illuminated. You can enjoy not only walking this road but also shopping.

#5 Ebisu Garden Place

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Ebisu Garden Place is famous for "Baccarat chandelier". Every year the big chandelier and Christmas tree are illuminated. In the area, there are also many restaurants. You can enjoy a whole day.
What do yo think about Tokyo illumination spots?
Japanese girls love romantic places. Most of Christmas events and illuminations are started from beginning of November.

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