Updated: January 31, 2017
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One Of The Best Destinations in Osaka: EXPO Commemoration Park

The world exhibition in Osaka called Banpaku or EXPO took place in 1970. The commemoration park is still loved by many people. By the way, how do you think about this tower located in there?

Osaka EXPO was held in 1970

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You all probably know there is a world exhibition every few years. Whenever this happens, some monuments, parks, or the like will be built specifically for the event. This also happened in Osaka prefecture, where the world exhibition (EXPO or banpaku in Japanese) of 1970 took place.
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In Suita, a city north of Osaka city, which also is home to the national Osaka university, a large park was constructed for the EXPO‘s events. Moreover, the area got a new Monorail – both of whose lines meet at EXPO park.

Look at this!

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The park‘s main attractions are Taiyō no tō – a landmark tower visible from far away

Good place for Hanami

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and the beautiful Japanese garden that also is a fabulous spot for hanami.

Take a local train

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If you arrive from Osaka or Kyoto, you can reach the park by Hankyu / Monorail (get off at Hotarugaike and switch to the Monorail) or JR (get off at Ibaraki and take the Kintetsu bus line).

You can watch 1970's Japan maybe you don't know

Japanese food!!!!

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