Updated: August 14, 2015
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Recommended top 5 bath additives

How about bath additives as souvenirs from Japan? Whether hot summer or cold winter, Japanese people love taking baths all year round! Since Japanese people enjoy bath time so much, there are many kinds of bath additives on sale. You can easily find them in drug stores or department stores, and they're good for adding a little extra thing to your souvenir shopping.

#1 Nukumori Nigori-sen (Bathclin)

Pcg nukumori http://www.bathclin.co.jp/products/ofuro/meito/
Many bath additives are made of bathclin, but this one is a series of bath additives that meticulously recreates the qualities, colors, and even the smells of some Japanese famous hot springs. Just as it’s name ("nigori" means "murky"), this is a selection of bath additives from opaque hot springs. You can relax as if you were at a hot spring in your own home.

#2 Bub (Kao)

Bub bub 04 img l http://www.kao.co.jp/bub/teiban/
It’s a kind of foaming type bath additive, which you can enjoy the bubbles when taking the bath. The blood circulation improves by a warm bath increasing effect by power of the carbonic acid. There are various kinds of smells, maybe you can find your favor!

#3 Hakka Koso-to (Ayura)(Hakka : mint. Koso: herb)

02283 pc 320 320 http://www.ayura.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=4
This bath additive is perfect for hot summer. The mint and lemon give it a refreshing sensation. And the water will turn to pale light blue, which also gives it a nice summery feel.

#4 Aroma Basket (Goshu Yakuhin)

Blueberry http://www.goshu.jp/?mode=grp&gid=915122
This aroma series is great for people who want to relax in the bath with great fragrances. The fruit fragrances tend to be very popular, so they make for good souvenirs.

#5 Medicinal bath additive "Yakuto Onyoku"(Yamasaki)

History02 b 2011 09 http://www.lasana.co.jp/Product/yakutouOnyoku
These bath additive have medicinal plants and seaweeds that have been used in Japanese baths since ancient times. Even former people were finding ways to improve their baths.
Not only do these moisturize the skin, but they can also alleviate fatigue and lower back pain.

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