Updated: November 19, 2016
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There Is A Chance To Meet The Japanese Emperor

Do you know there is a chance to meet the Japan's Emperor? Let us explain it!

December 23rd

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Have you ever wanted to party with the Japanese emperor, up close and personal? If so, there’s really no better chance than on the Emperor’s Birthday! The current emperor, Akihito, was born on Dec. 23, so “The Emperor’s Birthday” is an actual national holiday that is currently held on Dec. 23 of every year.

The gate swing open

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On this day the gates of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo will swing open to the public

The emperor will give a speech

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And the emperor will personally give a speech and blessing to the crowds, so you’ll have the chance to enter and see the emperor in person then.

Imperial Palace is the house of the Emperor

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Actually, the Imperial Palace is only open to the public for two whole days in the entire year: Dec. 23 and January 2 (for New Year’s). The Imperial Palace is where the Emperor’s family lives and where important ceremonies, receptions and other events are held.

Also beautiful place

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There are beautiful gardens in the palace grounds and a moat surrounding it all. Also the walk around the perimeter of the palace grounds has some of the best views in Tokyo and is highly recommended for any time of year!
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