Updated: November 19, 2016
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Experience The Cutting Edge Science Technologies In Tokyo

Guiding you to the museum of future called Miraikan in Japanese.

The most well known science museum in Japan is called “Miraikan”. The word “Mirai” means future, and the word “kan” stands for any kind of big structures; such as museums or pavilion, in Japanese. So, it literally means Museum of future.
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Its official name is "National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation". Japan Science and Technology Agency built this museum, and the Chief Executive Director is Mamoru Mohri, Ph. D., who flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor on the STS-47 (Spacelab-J) mission in 1992. He was the first Japanese astronaut who performed Japan-US joint investigation in space.

Did you get how this place represents the cutting edge technology? Interested?
Let’s know more about this museum then!
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It is a globe that produces a rendition of our earth, which is built with about 10 million pixels. Not only that, but it is also using organic LED panels so they can still save the energy to save the world! Because of that, this geo cosmos is known as the most popular convention from this museum!


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Asimo is the most well known robot built by Honda. Other than Asimo, you will able to see this robot moves there.

The Universe

This exhibition is interesting. You will be able to see inside of the spaceship, with the information of it. You can learn how astronauts live in there, what will they eat, how they go to pee, and etc. What such an interesting information, isn’t it?
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The Deep Sea

Not only the universe, you can also enjoy technologies from marine research.
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Future Experience

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And some areas showcasing feature technologies and media laboratories.

Truly EVERYONE could enjoy. I recommend you to take time to visit Miraikan. Don't miss it.
I like writing about traveling around Japan and other things.

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