Updated: November 11, 2016
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Beautiful Autumn Color Season Has Come To Japan

You can enjoy autumn colors everywhere you go in Japan. Maybe you can plan to visit Japan in autumn this year.

Beautiful gingko trees in Tokyo

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In fall, autumn leaves beautifully start to color from the early November to December. You can enjoy autumn colors everywhere you go. In Tokyo, you may enjoy beautiful yellow gingko trees.

Can't miss Kyoto

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In mountainsides, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, there are various autumn colors’ spots for sightseeing. Temples in Kyoto are the best.

There are many places to do for viewing

There’s also Nikko, Aomori, Kanazawa, Kamakura, etc. It’s even difficult to pick where to go for the viewing. People enjoy autumn colors viewing, also known as Momiji-gari, since the heian period, 794 AD-1185.
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Walk the path on the grounded leaves cover

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Autumn colors are simply beautiful to see - the vivid red, bright yellow, and golden brown. Those contrasts are amazingly wonderful.And it’s also enjoyable to walk the path where the grounded leaves cover.
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