Updated: February 16, 2016
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4 Differences Between Tokyo And Osaka

Have you been to Tokyo? How about Osaka? Didn't you feel that something are totally different? Tokyo and Osaka are often compared for their characteristics. It's always interesting topic for Japanese. What do you think and let us know your opinions!!

#1 Atmosphere

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The population density of Tokyo is huge. You may feel Japanese people looks so busy and walk fast. But I'm sure Tokyo is the most exciting city in Japan.
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Osaka is more energetic I think. Probably you feel friendly atmosphere.

#2 Food

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Eating Okonimiyaki in Osaka is special even though you can eat one in Tokyo. It's specialty food in Osaka.
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Monjayaki もんじゃ焼き looks like Okonomiyaki お好み焼き but little different. I had been in Kansai area for several years but I rarely find a restaurant offers Monjayaki. So if you want to enjoy both of them, I recommend Tokyo!!
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Also, the soup of Udon is the usually compared in terms of taste. The one you can eat in Tokyo, the taste is strong.
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On the other hand, Udon in Osaka called Kansai-fu is light tasting.

#3 People

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As I said, there are so many people in Tokyo, so many types of people are there. But generally speaking, people in Tokyo are refined, cool,individualism but sometimes unemotional.
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To make someone laugh is important for Osaka people.So people from Osaka are often described funny. Probably you feel they are friendly people. And lots of comedians are from Osaka. But sometimes people from other prefecture get tired to be expected to be funny with Osaka people.lol

#4 Dialects

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People in Tokyo use standard Japanese. Althugh most of people live in Tokyo originally from other prefecture, they change their dialects to standard.
People in Osaka use Kansai dialect called Kansai-ben 関西弁. Compare to people from other prefecture, they seem not to use standard Japanese even if they move to Tokyo. Personally I like that! By the way , Osaka people use Nandeyanen なんでやねん many times.  


People from Tokyo and Osaka, even though they are same Japanese, have different characteristics. Of course it doesn't mean that every Osaka people is funny and Tokyo people is cool. It depend on the person. However, I believe it's true that an environment affects people's personality. Tokyo and Osaka both are good!

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