6th year uni student! Trying to figure out a way to survive in Japanese society.
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No Worries, Pocket Tissues Aren't For Hard Selling

Have you ever come to Japan? If you have, you might have seen people distributing tissues by train stations or other public areas. Check this article to know about tissue-pack marketing!

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5 Very Unique Taste Of Soft Ice Cream In Japan

You may have already realized that Japan creates weird looking and tasting food. This time, it's soft serve ice cream!

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6 Must-go Stalls You Have To Know Before Going To Japanese Festival

When you go to a natsumatsuri 夏祭り (summer festival), you can't miss going to stalls! If you want to experience and feel the atmosphere of traditional omatsuri, there are certain stalls you must visit!

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The Confusion Of Washi Between Japanese And Foreigners

If you're interested in Japanese culture, you might have heard about washi (和紙), a Japanese traditional handmade paper. It even became one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2014!

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World's Top Aquarium Loving Country; Japan!

Have you ever thought of visiting an aquarium in Japan? If not, please go! Surprisingly, Japan is the country with the largest number of aquariums!

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Why You Should Start Origami Today

Origami is a traditional art culture of Japan to create beautiful crafts. Though, that isn't the only benefit of origami. If you read this article, I'm sure you'll want to start folding right away!

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5 Delicious 'Japanized' Foreign Food

Washoku, a traditional Japanese cuisine, is grabbing people's attention as a healthy choice. However, not all Japanese food was first made in Japan. Have you ever heard about Japanese dishes that are from other countries?

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3 Weird Sodas Sold In Japan!

Japan is known for its cuisine, but at the same time, weird food and drinks are also famous! You must try finding weird food if you have chance to visit Japan!

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What Is The Dream Job Of Japanese University Students?

Cultural aspects and social values appear in many ways. For instance, popular jobs among the youth generation. Do you have any idea what young Japanese men and women are thinking of for their future? Working for a gaming company like Nintendo or a car manufacturer like Toyota?

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Be Prepared! Japan Is The Land Of Earthquakes

Many of you know about the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened in 2011. Did you know that Tokyo is anticipated to get struck by an even worse earthquake in near future? If you are planning to move to Japan, you should know about how you should behave and what to prepare in case of an earthquake.

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