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5 Amusing Restaurants You Sure Would Love In Japan

There are various entertaining restaurants and bars in Japan; scary, funny, cute, nostalgic, etc. If you are seeking some weird dining experiences in Japan, please continue reading!

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Gakko No Kaidan; The Famous 7 Ghost Stories In School

Does your school have ghost stories? Well, in Japan, many schools have their own stories; so-called 'Gakko no Kaidan 学校の怪談'! All elementary school students are afraid to go back to school in the night!

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Take A Brief Look At 6 Breathtaking Cultural Sites!

Every one knows about Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, right? They are the most popular cites to visit. But how much do you know about other great places in Japan? Check this article to see 6 amazing cultural sites!

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Why I Recommend 'Tirol Chocolate' For Your Suveniour

Do you usually buy your friends a souvenir when you go on a trip? Doesn't it take a lot of time thinking up what to buy? I would recommend Tirol chocolate for your souvenir from Japan!

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3 Effective Ways To Practice Your Japanese

How are you doing with your Japanese studies? If you're only reading your text books, how about trying a new fun way of learning? Your studying will become more efficient if you're enjoying your studies!

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Let's Be A Billionaire!!! ... But, Only In A Game

Have you heard of a card game called Daifugo? It is one of the most exciting and fun party games in Japan! The rules are slightly difficult to learn, but you and your friends will surely enjoy it!

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Sake Isn't The Only Japanese Alcohol; Don't Forget 'Awamori'!

Sake is getting more and more recognized by tourists to Japan. The other traditional Japanese alcohol 'Awamori' isn't so famous. Here's your chance to earn about Awamori!

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4 Tips To Maximize Your Ryokan & Onsen Experience

Have you tried onsen in Japan? If you have, did you enjoy it properly? Well, you still have lot more to learn about going to onsen & ryokan! After reading this, you can enjoy it 100%!

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Why Not Catch Classroom Attention With Pen Spinning?

Sometimes, people get bored listening to a lecture. What do you do in such situations? In Japan, some people spin their pens! Pen spinning is a simple, easy, cool trick that you can do anywhere!

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Don't Say "Gross" To Monjayaki!

You might have heard of okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), but do you know monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き)? It's one of our traditional dishes... but it doesn't look nice. However, its really delicious and unique. You must try it!

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