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A Secret Way To Become A Ninja In Japan

Thanks to anime and manga, one of the most well-known Japanese heroes is the ninja. But is it possible to become a ninja in the 21st century?

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Top 3 Japanese Arcade Games You Must Try In Japan

Have you ever been to arcades? Even if you haven't, it will be a good experience to go to a Japanese one. You can play the most unique games: you can't try these in other countries!

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How To Pronounce Basic Japanese Phrases Like Native Speakers

People always wish to speak foreign languages like native speakers, but it's not easy in real life. Even so, wouldn't it be great to master some basic phrases for traveling?

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The Best Place To Go When You Get Bored In Japan

Even thought there are almost everything in Tokyo, you might get bored or just want to spend a lazy day during you stay. If so, why not challenge going to manga-kissa?

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Snow Festival! Experience The World Like 'Frozen'

Do you want to be amazed by beautiful and wonderful snow sculptures? Then visit Sapporo Snow Festival held in February! 200 snow sculptures will welcome you at Sapporo, Hokkaido.

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One Thing You Should Buy When You Visit Japan

There is one thing you must not forget to buy when you visit Japan. This item will surely make your travel convenient. What is the item? It's the Japanese smart card!

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Are Zombies A Social Issue In Japan?

Smartphone is widely spread among people all over the world. Nowadays, people are using smartphone everyday, anytime. This high-tech device is causing a new social issue in Japan.

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How Much Do You Know About 'Washoku'?

Since 'Washoku' was added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, more and more people became interested. However, how much do you know about 'Washoku'? Let's learn about it!

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3 Ways To Connect To Wi-fi In Japan

When you visit Japan, the first thing you would do is to get online. This article answers your question about connecting to Wi-fi.

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