An International student having the adventure of her life in Tokyo, Japan.
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11 Universities Which Have English Based Courses In Japan

Looking for English courses in Japanese Universities? Good news for you guys! I will give you information about English courses in Tokyo and its surrounding Area.

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Choices of Higher Education in Japan

I've personally seen a lot of interest of students around my age who are interested in getting their higher education in Japan, but are very confused with the education system in Japan, so this time I decided to give you an insight about studying abroad in Japan!

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Fudanjuku: The Handsome Girl Group in Japan

Japan's pop culture has been around since a long time ago, and of course we all already know some of them such as the moe girls dressed as maids, handsome guys, the kawaii and kakkoii J-Pop singers, but how about handsome girls?? Find out more here!

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Unique Gift Ideas: Sushi Suitcase Cover

For you travelers out there, traveling everywhere with the same bag over and over again can be a little bit.... boring. Now, while you are in Japan, while protecting your suitcase from dirts and scratches, let's spice up your traveling style with a little touch of Japanese's most popular food: Sushi!

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Kimono in Japan: Then and Now

Kimono, the traditional garment of Japan, is without doubt one of the most fascinating aspect of Japanese culture. It is a part of Japan that has stand the test of time, but of course there are many changes in the process. So, what is the difference between Kimono in the ancient and modern times? Find out more here!

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Women's Kimono In Modern Japan

Kimono is the traditional clothing from Japan. Although people don't wear kimonos or other traditional clothing nearly as much as they used to, it is still an inseparable part of Japan. Do you know that there are many types of Kimono in Japan? Find out more about the popular ones here!

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Amezaiku: The Art of Sculpting...Candy?!

Japan has always been the land of beauty, where the citizens are also have a good sense of art. Japanese's skills in art and crafts are without doubt, is one of the best in the world, including in sculpting. Sculpting from clay is the norm, and in some more unique style, artists sculpt their work from glass, but do you know you can sculpt from candy too? (and yes, it's edible!)

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Hanko: Your Token in Japan

Do you know that usually in Japan, we don't use our signature for official documents, receiving parcels via post, etc and a personalized name stamp called 'Hanko' is used as replacement? Find out more here! PS: you can own one for fun, too!

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Essential Ingredients In Making Sushi

Talking about Japan, you cannot forget sushi. It's the trademark for Japan! Many people tried to make sushi at home, but it just doesn't taste the same as the one in Japan.. But why? Find out the answer here!

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