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5 Things You Should Be Careful When You Write Your Resume To Work In Japan

Writing a good resume is really important to get a job. If you are going to work in Japan, you should learn some taboos when making your resume...

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10 Most Beautiful Mountains In Japan

Even if you are not a mountaineer, you can enjoy the beauty of mountains. They are the mirror of four seasons, and full of the natural creatures. Let's see some mountains in Japan.

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5 News That Have Already Happened In Japan In 2016

Now, it seems that many people are getting accustomed to the atmosphere of this year, 2016. However, Japan already has experienced many major events so far. What happened to Japan?

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5 Highest Skyscrapers In Japan

Despite the lesson of the Tower of Babel, many people are still desperately trying to build as high a tower as possible. Now, let's see how accomplished their effort are from the examples of Japan.

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5 Awesome Traditional Festivals You Should Experience In Japan

Every festival around the world has its own history and they often reflect the culture. So, it's a good decision to experience such festivals when you visit Japan. Some recommendations here.

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5 Dangerous Animals You Should Keep Away From In Japan

Japan has much nature that remains as it was in the past, but it means some dangerous creatures there also live in the same place. Now, let's learn some dangerous animals you should keep away from.

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5 Most Impressive Blue Lakes In Japan

What do you associate with what is blue in the nature? Many people would answer sky or sea, but in Japan, a much "bluer (not blur)" thing of nature exists: Lakes.

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Vespa Mandarinia: The Most Dangerous Animal In Japan

What's the most dangerous animal in Japan? Wolves? No. Bears? No. Sharks? No. They are much "smaller" and really "neighboring": Vespa mandarinia.

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5 Reasons You Should Live In Kyoto

Many people (even in Japan) are longing for living in Kyoto. Why are they eager to live there? Let's check some reasons why Kyoto is not just an anagram of Tokyo.

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10 Reasons Why So Many People Live In Tokyo

Tokyo has about 13 million people even though the landmass is smaller than most prefecture of Japan. Why do people want to live in Tokyo so much?

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