My name is Irio and a live in Brazil Rio de Janeiro. I love anime, manga and everything about japanese culture. I and my brother have channel on youtube where we created videos about superheroes in the style tokusatsu. If you want to subscribe and see our productions subscribe to our channel.

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Japanese style hero factory

Who we are Hello everyone, first of us at Hero Factory thank you for your visit, because if you entered this page it is a sign that we are pleasing, or not, laughter. But whatever your intention we thank you anyway, and since you are here let's talk about our purpose. The choice of the name Hero Factory already gives a good clue of our proposal, is to create a culture of heroes totally Brazilian, this because we believe that Brazilians only give value to things that come from outside, and another is that few Brazilians cultivate this culture that For us it becomes so necessary for our people. Overkill? Perhaps, but do you notice that countries like Japan, the United States that have a greater taste for science fiction and their heroes are more advanced than us? All the heroes of these nations are instilled in the spirit that identifies them. Captain America who fights for American freedom, Changeman who makes clear the strength of a team, not individualism in opposition to Western ideals. We could continue to give other examples, this would extend many more lines, but I think I got the idea. Now I ask ... What about us Brazilians? Why do not we create heroes to identify us? The answer is that it is not in our culture and with this concern is that we are committed to work, this is our north. We hope others will join us and help us with this ambitious project.

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Tokusatsu Rescuing an abductee

Our hero now must save a citizen who has just been kidnapped. Beings from another planet have sinister plans for our planet. Can XD fight this new threat? Do not miss the third rescue robot episode XD. "Rescuing an abductee."

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A milagrosa ascensão econômica do Japão

O "milagre japonês" se refere a recuperação fenomenal econômico do Japão após a devastação da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Dentro de poucas décadas de sua capitulação, o Japão se juntou à comunidade das nações prósperas. Em termos econômicos, a recuperação da nação foi milagrosa, de fato.

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Watch Now Cyberbio Tokusatsu

O vídeo Tokusatsu cyberbio 2 A procura dos discos Mekanimal vídeo 1 é uma produção da hero factory Brazil- Sinopse A terra é invadida por alienígenas piratas chamados Bad Machine. Para impedi-los a Patrulha Cósmica vem a terra e coloca dois patrulheiros : Guncyber e Karatcha sob o comando do capitão Gun Storm. Projeto Cyberbio primeira parte do segundo epsódio do grupo HEROFACTORY. Mais detalhes no site The Earth is invaded by aliens called pirates Bad Machine. To stop them the Cosmic Patrol comes to earth and puts two patrolmen: Guncyber Karatcha and under the command of Captain Gun Storm. Project Cyberbio first part of the second group epsódio HEROFACTORY. More details at

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New tokusatsu Cyberbio

The Herofactory re-launches our biggest success on the Internet "Cyberbio 2" complete, because at the time did not support the yutube videos longer than 15 minutes. Cyberbio 2 is the story of two patrolmen Cosmic Patrol is an organization that ensures the harmony of civilizations less advanced as the planet earth .. They need to stop a criminal organization known as the space Mad Machine led by mystical entity called Shimpai. The organization intends to take shimpai five discs containing immeasurable power and fall into their hands the earth and all the universe will be in danger. Can our heroes stop them? For those who want to follow our work curmtam our facebook page or visit our official site:

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Cosplay Jaspion Campeão de 2002

Primeiro cosplay de tokusatsu a ganhar premio no Brasil, Irlayne Silveira com a armadura de Japion campeão em 2002 na Animecon. Para saber mais visite a nossa página :

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Heroic tokusatsu fighting game

Game Rescue Robot Xd is a phase fighting game created by Hero factory Brazil. In this XD game you will have to face all your enemies to save the city from the misery of the revolted robots. How to play : Wait for the game to load. Choose the difficulty; Use the arrow keys to move the XD Rescue Robot. Button A Chute; S punch button; Special D button; If you wanted to turn off the music, just hit the red button on the right side of the game.

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Tokusatsu Cosmic Patrol Adventure Game

GUNRANGER V 1.0 is a game developed by Hero Factory Brazil, with the theme of the Cyberbio Cosmic Patrol. In this game Guncyber is sent to the home planet of Prodroxoide, spatial wizard and servant of Shimpai. The game took seven months to get ready. Irlayne Silveira was responsible for the designer and script of the game. In the future a new game in the series will be available.

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Tokusatsu theme game available online at Hero Factory Brasil

Have fun with this exciting ship game with the theme of tokusatsu

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New Brazilian tokusatsu ?

Fans around the world are producing their tokusatsu projects and launching on youtube. Meet the Rescue Robot Xd

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