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Miyashita park

Miyashita park, this park is located in Shibuya, near the Shibuya station. This park contains some kind of sports area, skateboard court, futsal court, dancing floor and so on... This topic introduces such a city park.

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Looking For Shisha/Hookah In Tokyo?

Shisha is the term for water pipe or like Hookah. In Japan, Shisha is not very popular like the rest the world, especially in Europe, where it is as popular as normal cigarettes. But, there are some spots where you can smoke Shisha. I'll introduce the spots in Tokyo.

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Japanese National Student Sports Championships

In Japan, there are many types of National championships that decide the No.1 school. Same as professional sports around the world, these championships get the whole nation excited! I'll introduce these national student sports championship in this topic.

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Have You Seen The Character "STYX" in Tokyo?

Have you seen the the character "STYX" written on wall around Tokyo? If you have been to Tokyo, you might have seen that, and may be you feel "what's this ?", "What is this mean?" or "Is this an art?, graffiti?".... Same as you, I have been wondering about the character, so I search that meaning and solve such riddle.

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Ani-son Dance Battle; Funny And Cool Style Of Dance

Ani-son is an abbreviation of Anime song. Now, do you know about break dancing? Usually break dancers dance to Hiphop or Funk music. But in Japan, there is a very interesting way of dance battle! The participants dance only to Ani-son!

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Interesting Bar : Canned Foods Bar

Canned foods are a convenient way to preserve food and use them at any time. But recently, people have thought of ways for such convenient food to be not only convenient but also high quality(delicious).For this purpose, some interesting bars which serve only canned foods have opened in Tokyo.

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What do Japanese University Students Do On Holidays?

Depending on the country where they live, college age students enjoy their holidays or spare time in different ways. In Japan, University students seem to be idle, with the saying being "the university age is one summer holiday in the life!" So today I'll tell you how Japanese college age youth spend their time.

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Have You Drunk Tap Water In Japan?

Around the world it's not advised to drink tap water directly in many countries. So if you come to Japan, you may be surprised that many Japanese people drink normal tap water a lot. Of course, some Japanese people would rather buy drinking water from stores than drinking tap water.

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Japanese Book Town : Jinbou-cho

Do you know of the Japanese book town? It's name is Jinbou-cho. There are a lot of schools, universities and book stores. But these aren't your typical book stores, there are very maniac-like book stores on both sides of a street.

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Origami? No, It's Toilet Paper Made!

You've heard of toilet paper manners such as folding the ends into a triangle after use, right? But did you know in Japan this type of mannerism has been changed into a kind of art?

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