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3 Fabulous Hawaiian Cafes To Explore In Japan

It's no secret that the Japanese love Hawaii so much that they spend their honeymoon there. So it's not surprising that you can enjoy Hawaiian culture in Japan! Here are 3 great cafes to patronize.

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3 Great Souvenirs To Buy At Haneda Airport

Omiyage (souvenirs). You need to buy them for friends and family back home, but are simply too busy with sightseeing to shop. Don't worry! Here are 3 awesome products you can buy at Haneda Airport!

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3 Funky Things To Do In Ogasawara Islands

Longing for an idyllic escape from bustling, busy Tokyo? Ogasawara Islands, located about 1,000 km south of Tokyo, may just be what you are looking for. Here are 3 gorgeous things you can do there!

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3 Surprising Uses Of Sake

Sake. We know that it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, be it seafood or desserts. But do you know that it has many other interesting uses? Here are three uses that will surprise you!

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3 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Things In Tokyo

Everyone knows that you can buy things for a steal in Daiso as all items are sold for 100 yen. But what happens when you can't find a Daiso store? Fret not, for you can shop at these 3 other shops!

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4 Fun Facts About Yuzu In Japan

The Japanese have long used yuzu as a flavoring since the Nara period, but the rest of the world is just warming up to its awesomeness as a condiment. Learn these 4 fun facts to impress your friends!

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Perfect Guide To Sumida Hokusai Museum

A fan of the works of influential painter and woodblock print artist Katsushi Hokusai? You'll be glad to know that there's a museum dedicated to his works in Tokyo's Sumida Ward!

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3 Must-go Canal Cities In Japan

Japan may be no Venice, but it has some noteworthy canal cities nonetheless. They boast quaint historical buildings, idyllic scenery and interesting slices of local culture. Visit these 3 canal cities!

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3 Great Places To Enjoy Autumn In Hokkaido

As Japan's largest prefecture, Hokkaido showcases some of the most spectacular sceneries during autumn. Dazzling with vivid hues of red, orange and yellow, these 3 places are surely worth visiting!

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3 Beautiful Flowers To Admire In Autumn

Mention autumn, and people say that they are captivated by spellbinding foliage in all its vivid hues. But do you know that beautiful flowers flourish in fall too? Here are 3 such flowers to admire!

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