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5 Fascinating Characteristics Of Tokyo People

Tokyo. Everyone wants to go there. Again and again. So, knowing these 5 characteristics of Tokyo people will help you understand them and interact with them smoothly, thus enlivening your trip!

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5 Fascinating Characteristics Of Hokkaido People

Japan's charm lies in "kenminsei" (how people in different prefectures exhibit different characters). So let's learn about 5 "kenminsei" features of Hokkaido people so you can get close to them!

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5 Spicy Japanese Condiments You Must Try

A connoisseur of washoku (Japanese cuisine)? Won't you want to know how Japanese people accentuate the flavours of their dishes with hot, tangy condiments? Here are five spicy condiments to try!

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5 Natsu (Summer) Music Festivals You Should Go To In Japan

Music lovers, rejoice! Japan has a slew of music festivals in summer that allows you to bask in the sun and dance to explosive music. Best time to unleash your energy! Go to these 5 festivals in 2017!

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3 Places You Can Feel Japanese Wabisabi Culture

Fans of Japanese aesthetics will be familiar with the concept of wabisabi. But just what is wabisabi? Here, we explain it in simple terms and tell you where you can find it in Japan!

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Perfect Guide To Ramen From All Over Japan

Ramen. A representative soul food of Japanese people. It is so popular that every prefecture in Japan has developed its own distinct flavor. Here, we introduce 5 great kinds of ramen you must try!

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5 Must-Eat Japanese Foods In Winter

Winter in Japan is cold, which makes it ideal for eating piping hot food. Also, many seasonal fruits, fish and vegetables taste extremely delicious! Here are 5 foods you must try!

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How To Make Dashi In 5 Easy Steps

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) is the key to making Japanese food yummy as it brings out the umami of ingredients. Best of all, dashi can be made within an hour, so why not learn how to make it here?

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5 Kinds Of Unique Japanese Kitchen Equipment

Ever wondered why Japanese cuisine is an UNESCO-listed Intangible Cultural Heritage? One reason is because Japanese chefs use top-notch cooking tools to make food yummy. Here are 5 great tools!

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5 Sensational Sightseeing Places In Shiretoko

Mention Hokkaido, and Sapporo springs to mind. But do you know you can immerse yourself in primeval forests and lose all your worries in Shiretoko? Here are 5 things you should check out!

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