I love sushi and many things in Japan.
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Beautiful Waterfalls Consisting Of Underflow Water Of Mt. Fuji

It is a place where you can fully enjoy clean water and fresh air that springs from Mt. Fuji.

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Japanese Sweets To Eat On May 5th : Kashiwa-mochi And Chimaki

Kashiwa-mochi and Chimaki are Japanese confectionery for boy's festival at May 5th. Those are on sale between the end of April and May 5.

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The Gorgeous Nambu Ironware

A single kettle can become a piece of art under the master hands of Japanese craftsmen. At the moment, there are only about 20 traditional craftsmen of southern Ironworks.

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Sushi Rolls: What Should I Put Inside?

You must know that making sushi requires a great skill for that. Anybody can make "sushi-like" stuff, but a very limited number of people can master how to make real sushi. Let's learn how to make better sushi rolls.

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Ehou Maki: The Good Luck Sushi

Winter is coming to an end and February has arrived! Do you know what Ehou maki is and why the Japanese people eat them during the Winter? Yep, it's not your usual Sushi Roll!

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4 Best Sushi Restaurants In Kyoto

If you are Sushi lovers, I recommend you to go to these Sushi restaurants when you visit Kyoto, Japan. There are so many good sushi restaurants. So today I introduce my favorite sushi restaurants in Kyoto.

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Essential Ingredients In Making Sushi

Talking about Japan, you cannot forget sushi. It's the trademark for Japan! Many people tried to make sushi at home, but it just doesn't taste the same as the one in Japan.. But why? Find out the answer here!

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Easy And Fun Sushi! Home Made Temaki Zushi

If you are a sushi lover, why don't try to create some by yourself? It is much simpler than you may have thought.

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