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Collecting Japanese Seal Stamps of Shrine makes your Visit Memorable

Do you know that Japanese shrines and temples give you the red seal stamps? We call them "Gosyuin". Each of Gosyuins are distinct and different. If you have plan to visit a shrine or temple, get a Gosyuin for your memory in Japan.

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6 Japanese Martial Arts That Are Spread Throughout The World

Are you interested in Japanese culture? Japanese martial arts called "Budo" is one of the the most successful export from Japan. These 6 martial arts we introduce are relatively easy to experience in the world. Shall we try them and develop your skill and mind?

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5 Awesome Cafes That You Should Go In Kyoto

Kyoto is amazing city which attracts many people. Beautiful scene, old temples and shrines, delicious cuisine... However it seems few people know that Kyoto has so many amazing cafes.

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Japanese Kawaii Nail Art that surprise you

You may know Japanese nail quality is highly regarded. Now, Otaku culture entered into this industry. Ita-nail(痛ネイル) is nail art which is illustrated anime, manga, game character. Actually it's elaborated and so cute!!

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Amazing Japanese Discount Store which you can get whatever you want

Do you know the Japanese big discount store Don Quijote(ドン.キホーテ)? It offers much choices for example, electronics, cosmetics, snacks...etc. Definitely we recommend this if you buy souvenir in Japan.  

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8 Unspoken Social Rules That You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

Are you coming to Japan? If say so, there are some unspoken rules you should know before. They might surprise you, disgust you, or make you become curious about Japan. Anyway, there is no loss in you knowing that.

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Shall We Cook Japanese Pancake, Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki(お好み焼き) is popular food in Japan. It's made of wheat flour. Okonomi(お好み) means WHATEVER YOU WANT!! so, add some ingredients whatever you want.Pork, seafood, cheese, mochi, oyster...etc. Let's take a look about this yummy food and how to make it.

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Set Meal Restaurants Are The Best Option To Enjoy Great Japanese Food Cheap

We call Japanese set meal Teisyoku(定食). Generally, it means main dish and rice, miso soup and one or two side menus. The restaurants which serve Teishoku are called Teisyoku-ya(定食屋). These 3 Teisyoku chain restaurants are often seen in Japan. If you come to Japan or see these restaurant in your country, just try it!

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7 Must-Have Japanese Stationery Items You Should Buy

It's said that Japanese stationeries are good quality and condition. These 7 items are of course high quality but also unique. If you come to Japan, buy them and make sure of the fact.

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Born in The U.S, Grew up in Japan and Become a star in UK? This is a "Sudoku"

Have you played Sudoku? Now Sudoku is very popular among many people regardless of age or gender all over the world. Let me introduce this international puzzle "Sudoku"

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