4 Ways How To Lose Weight In Japanese Way

4 Ways How To Lose Weight In Japanese Way

Basically the Japanese are thin. The secret is what they eat and how to spend a daily life. Needless to say, the small portion of food plays a big role in a weight control,but here is more.

1. Eat Japanese Food

Japanese food is, needless to say, healthy. 
The ingredients are pretty much unique for those who are not much familiar with Japanese food, yet the Japanese eat a lot of fish, tofu, miso, seaweed, red beans, and so on. 
I can emphasize that every single Japanese meal contains a lot of nutrition. 
Besides, most of ingredients contain less calorie and less fat with lots of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

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2. Take A Hot Bath

Even in the hot summer, many Japanese people take a hot bath everyday. 
It’s almost like their daily habit. 
Compared to only taking a shower, taking a bath consumes more calorie, makes you sweat, and activates your metabolism. 
For those who want to lose weight, people take a bath longer than the average. 
It’s simply because taking a bath is very similar to doing exercises (but you can relax at the same time). 
If you add some aroma oil or bath salt, it gets more effective and great for relaxation as well. 

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3. Drink Japanese Tea

Soda contains a lot of sugar. Beer and cocktails contain lots of calorie, but tea, especially, Japanese tea contains anti-oxidant and prevents chronic disease even compared to regular water. 

If you drink tea, it helps you burning fat. 
Concerned about caffeine? 
Then try a cold glass of barley tea which contains less or no caffeine with minerals. 
The taste is not too strong, so you can gulp it down when you are thirsty and needless to say, it’s super healthy!

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4. Use Public Transportation

In order to lose weight, the key is to burn fat, right? 
To burn fat, you have to walk at least 25 minutes a day. 
By using busses, trains, and bicycles, you can exercise well. 

In Japan, so many people use public transportation even though they have their own cars, especially in Tokyo and Osaka. Many people commute by train. 
Many people do complain about riding on a fully packed train every morning, but it does burn calorie because they walk from their house to the station and from the station to the office. 

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