5 Familiar Sights In Spring In Japan

5 Familiar Sights In Spring In Japan

The warm and friendly atmosphere of spring is perfectly ideal for family and friends gathering.

1. White Day

Japanese culture is distinctive from the rest of the world. The way they celebrate Valentine’s day is different too. In other countries men offer gifts to ladies, whereas in Japan ladies give gifts to men not only to tell their love but also appreciation. Then they make up a White day on March 14th. Men send gifts to ladies in return.

2. Join in Hanami festival

Hanami is the most expected event of many tourists from all around the world. People can both view the cherry blossoms and enjoy festival activities.

3. Fly a carp banner

In May, it’s amazing to be able to see many carp banners flying in the wind. Usually, families with little boys will hang up banners with the messages that their boys can grow up soundly and healthily.

4. Visit a flower park

There are a hundred types of beautiful flowers blooming in the spring. Flower gardens will open for tourists and the admission is often charged.

5. Clam-digging

Clam season often lasts from March to July. It’s a very fun and educational activity for young kids. If you travel with kids, clam-digging is a unskippable activity.