Let’s Have A Takoyaki Party!

Let’s Have A Takoyaki Party!

Takoyaki party is one of the Japanese parties. Try out the following recipe for Takoyaki! You’ll definitely have fun with your friends to cook Takoyaki.


This ball-shaped Japanese snack made of wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special pan is called “Takoyaki”. “Tako” means octopus, and “yaki” means “bake” or “grill”. The original takoyaki is filled with minced or diced octopus, but there are the others fillings such as pickled ginger, green onion, tempura scraps (tenkasu), and more. It is served with toppings such as takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise), green laver (aonori) and shavings of dried bonito (katsuobushi).


This snack is popular in the Kansai region, and that popularity has spread across Japan. You can easily find this street snack at any Japan’s festival. Takoyaki is also sometimes sold at 24-hour convenience stores.


These are the ingredients needed to make 30 takoyaki balls.
1. Wheat flour 2 cups
2. Water 4 cups
3. 1 Egg L size
4. Dashi 1 tsp
5. Shoyu (soy sauce)
6. Diced octopus
7. Tenkasu (tempura scraps)
8. Takoyaki sauce
9. Mayonnaise
10. Aonori (green laver)


1. Mix the two cups of wheat flour, 4 cups of water, 1 egg L size, dashi, and shoyu in a bowl.
2. Brush the takoyaki pan with oil.
3. Fill the takoyaki pan with the dough.
4. Add diced octopus pieces.
5. Wait until the dough gets hard enough to turn over and make the ball shape.
6. Rotate the balls to confirm they are finished cooking and put them on a plate.
7. Add the takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and aonori.
8. Enjoy your hard earned takoyaki delicacy.


I have made takoyaki many times with my Japanese friends. We have tried so many different recipes from the Internet and we can say that the recipe above is the most delicious one! Not only that, but it is also really fun to make takoyaki, or as we called it “Takoyaki Party Time”. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your “Takoyaki Party Time” with your lovely family or friends.