Our Mission

We send spicily stimulating information like WASABI.

Based on keywords of culture and creation, without regard to race, religion, or nationality, we want to let the people all over the world to know more about Japan.

In Japan, not only the traditional culture, such as tea ceremony(Sado), flower arranging(Kado), Zen, Kabuki, Gardening are handed down, but also the new culture, such as animation, comics, and characters are born in this few years, and attract the attention of people from overseas.

In the field of traditional culture, there is also new challenge to adapt to modern age. Evolution from history to future is ongoing.

We are not only sending the Japanese culture, but also want to communicate the history of the background and the heart of the creators. We want to create improvement and the new values.

Culture and the history are reflections of the richness of the working of the people who lived in the country. However, there is the culture gradually reduces while the new culture develops.

It’s difficult to save the lost culture, but we think that we can find something new of the lost culture by transmit it to overseas. And at the same time, its value also may be reviewed by Japanese.

We consider that the culture is necessary things of living that add to some colors.

Maybe colors are not necessary for living, but when added, they can make people’s life wealthily and happily.

That’s the will of everybody. Even the nationality or the race is different, there must be someone who can find the value of the colors.

Maybe it’s not necessary but we will happier when we have it. That’s the things we create and collect, and send it to the world to make people’s hearts colorful.

That’s why we started WASABI.
To excite the world and never stop challenging.
To bring surprise and discoveries to the people all over the world!