3 Yummy Fruits To Savour In Japan

Japan is a paradise for foodies as different prefectures will specialise in the growing of different fruits such that they are more delicious than the norm. Let’s learn where to get the best fru […]

Hokkaido Seafood

Hokkaido is famous for its delicious seafood. Hokkaido Seafood Talking about Hokkaido, do you know about their seafood? Hokkaido is the most popular place for seafood. You can eat so many fresh and de […]

  • 2017.08.27

3 Delicious Desserts To Savour In Summer

Nothing calms frazzled nerves better in summer than tucking into a cool dessert. Now, Japan offers many kinds of desserts, each of them boasting regional products. Here are five of them! 1) Shirokuma […]

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