11 Super Impressive Japanese Bento Called Kyaraben

11 Super Impressive Japanese Bento Called Kyaraben

How happy when you open your lunch box and encounter this Pikachu!! This kind of Bento, called Kyaraben is popular in Japan. I introduce awesome Kyaraben collection. I bet you’ll be surprised by their qualities!

Pikachu’s buttocks

Look at this super cute bento!! I’m pretty sure that your child will be a star in your classroom!! Pika Pika!

Pikachu Halloween ver.

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It’s the best decoration for this season!

My neighbor Totoro kyaraben

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My neighbor Totoro—-!! Bento box looks like the forest of Totoro. Can’t wait open the lid of the lunch box!

Hello Kitty

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Hello Hello Hello Kitty—!! This kitty is made of bread so it might be easier to make even in the countries people don’t often eat rice.


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Relakkuma is a cute bear mascot you might know. This relakkuma is made of Inari-sushi!

Slime from Dragon Quest

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Wao!! Slime appeared in your lunch box!?

Nami from ONE PIECE

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Sexy Nami kyaraben!!

Kakashi from Naruto

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It’s not kyaraben but it’s super cool breakfast, don’t you think?? 
Starting a new day with this bread would be a wonderful day!

Goku from DragonBall

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Super Saiyan Goku!! His hair is made of peach!!

Draemon and Dorami

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Doraemon and Drami kyaraben—!!

Super Mario

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Super Mario kyaraben is here!!

You can check more Kyaraben!!

How was these awesome kyarabens? Don’t you think the people who made these kyaraben are genius? She published some books and has a blog site to share her amazing kyaraben works. Check and learn it!

Juru’s Kyaraben

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