The Crash Course Of “How To Use Chopsticks”

The Crash Course Of “How To Use Chopsticks”

Are you a good chopstick user? When having a meal in Japan, most commonly you will have to use a pair of chopsticks. Since it may seem to be a bit difficult, some people use them in their own way. However, historically Japanese people say that the way he/she uses a pair of chopsticks reflects himself/herself. Yes, the usage of chopsticks represents the decency of Japanese culture. So, it may seem “unmannerly” to use them in your original way. Let’s learn the correct manner to use them here.

#1 The definition

What is the “good way” to use a pair of chopsticks? There are 3 points: 1) You can open and close the sticks easily; 2) It looks traditional and beautiful; 3) Anybody can use them in the way easily.

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#2 The best position

Let’s learn the best position. First, imagine you are holding a Ping-Pong ball in your right hand (if you are left-handed, adapt this text to “left”). Next, open your index and middle fingers. In this form, one of the pair of chopsticks will come over the base of your thumb and your ring finger. This chopstick does not move when you use them. The other part of chopsticks will come to the part of the tips of your thumb, first finger, and middle finger. This form resembles that of when using a pen.

Now, you can pinch anything you want to by moving your thumb, first finger, and middle finger.

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#3 Some advanced tips

When using the chopsticks, you should not make a cross by the back of the sticks. It is not good to make a cross by chopsticks in any way. 

And as a behavioral tip, you should not procrastinate when choosing what to eat next with chopsticks in your hand. It’s called “wandering chopsticks”, and it can be considered a bad behavior. In addition to this, some people use the backside of the chopsticks to give foods for the plates of others, but this has pros and cons. When you give something from your plate to that of others, it’s better to let them take it by themselves.

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