5 Things You Might Start Wondering When You Step Into The Land Of Japan

5 Things You Might Start Wondering When You Step Into The Land Of Japan

For the Japanese,it’s just so usual things that they don’t really notice unless someone tell them. However, looking objectively, there are many interesting things that the Japanese culture has.

1. Japanese Toilet

The features are categorized as 2 types: Japanese squat types or modern types with electronic functions. 
Either way, for those who are not familiar with Japanese toilet, it must be surprising or perhaps confusing.

Too many functions. 
All we should know is how to flush, I guess.
But which one is the button?????

2. Kasapon

The kasapon is umbrella bagger. 
The kaspon dispenser is used for keeping the floors clean and not slippery. 
The Japanese have been used to using the kaspon to wrap up the wet umbrella. 
However, many of foreigners may get confused when they see the dispenser at the entrance of the buildings, stores, and restaurants. 
It’s considered as a manner to wrap up umbrella dripping water to keep the floors clean.

3. Vending Machine Paradise

No one gets thirsty so long as they are in Japan because there are vending machines every corner. 
From alcohol to yakitori, to T-Shirts to cigarettes, to finally water and juice, there are many kinds of vending machines in Japan. 

4. Unique Fashion And Individuality

It is said that the Japanese culture lacks of individuality. 
There are maids, cosplay otaku, gothic-lorita, gyaru-kei, visual-kei, etc etc. 
Their styles are almost hardcore and may influence people from all over the world. 
But it’s always interesting and surprising to see how they wear their costumes. 
It seems they express how they want to be like and what they really like through fashion.

Wanna Try lorita fashion? 
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5. Slurping Noise of Noodles…

I am an odd Japanese who hate the slurping noise that the Japanese make when they eat noodles. 
Yes, 90 percent or more of the Japanese think that it’s a normal and right thing to do and make the slurping noise especially while their eating noodles. 
I understand how you feel…at ramen shops, at Italian restaurants, at other noodle shops, 
all we need is a bit of patience and headphones. 

“They slurp; therefore they are.”
Don’t make any fuss because that’s the culture…to respect the difference and surrender to it…

I am wearing headphones and listening to music at full blast at ramen shops by the way.

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