How to Look Like Japanese Girls: Igari the Hangover Look

How to Look Like Japanese Girls: Igari the Hangover Look

A new trending look in 2015 for Girls: the Japanese Igari Look! This look is a must try for girls, and a perfect look for the upcoming winter season.

What is Igari Makeup?

This is a Japanese makeup trend created by a Japanese Artist Shinobu Igari (hence the name Igari Makeup), creating ‘natural eye look’ with emphasized look of blushing cheek.

Igari Style Make Up: Step by Step

The basic routine of a typical Asian makeup is applied here, which is flawless, baby-like, glowing and healthy skin.

Use foundation/BB cream/CC cream to balance your skin tone and use concealer to cover any redness or dark spots that you have.

One thing you have to take care of especially is the dark circle part. Cover them perfectly, because the eye area is the main point of this look!

You should use 2 types of blush color (usually pink and coral/orange colors.) The layers really show the moisture of skin from inside.

The blush is shaped into an inverted triangle shape, placed closely to your eyes, creating a reddish upper cheek color!


This is the ‘no makeup’ look, but with the strong blush usage, it gives you the sexy look of a girl who may be a little drunk (Japanese people tend to blush or turn pink with alcohol.) It’s so cute at the same time, making the guys want to protect you.

Full Tutorial on How to Do Igari Makeup