10 Best “DONBURI” In Japanese Food You Must Try!

10 Best “DONBURI” In Japanese Food You Must Try!

Do you know “DONBURI”? DONBURI is a Japanese rice bowl dish! There exist a variety of DONBURI, differing in their toppings. We introduce 10 best DONBURI you must try!


Beef Donburi is a bowl of rice popped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet flavored sauce, soy sauce and mirin. It is served with beni-shoga (thin ginger pickles). Gyudon is the most famous donburi in Japan.


“Oya” means parent, and “ko” means child. It literally means parent and child Donburi. The main ingredients are chicken and egg, served with sliced scallion on top of the rice.


It is a bowl of rice topped with breaded deep fried pork cutlets (known as Tonkatsu in Japanese), half-boiled egg and onion. The taste is sweet and salty.


This one is an abbreviation of Tempura and Donburi. Tempura are deep fried pieces of battered seafood and vegetables. They usually use shrimp, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and okra to be fried.


It is a bowl of rice topped with many variety of fresh raw seafood. They usually use tuna, shrimp, sea urchin, salmon and crab for the toppings.


It is an abbreviation of Unagi and Donburi. Unagi means eel. It is a bowl of rice topped with grilled eel, which is prepared in a thick soy based sauce.


Sosukatsudon is similar to Katsudon(#3). But it doesn’t have egg. Instead of egg, there are sliced cabbage and sweet-salty souse.


“Buta” means pork. Butadon is a dish made with pork instead of beef in a mildly sweet sauce. Butadon is originated in Hokkaido, Japan and recently we enjoy anywhere in Japan.


What a beautiful rice bowl! A bowl of rice topped with seasoned salmon roe (known as Ikura in Japanese). Ikuradon is the perfect dish to enjoy Ikura to Ikura’s lovers!


“Chuka” means Chinese. It literally means Chinese rice bowl. It is a bowl of rice topped with stir-fried vegetables, onions, mushrooms, and slices of meat.These are the most well-known types of Donburi in Japan. Try them and choose your favorite one!