Refreshing and cool Japanese summer sweets

Refreshing and cool Japanese summer sweets

Japanese sweets reflect the four seasons. The great taste of each season is heightened inside these small sweets. August is the height of summer! Here we want to introduce the refreshing Japanese summer sweets to you.

#1 Norikatsu Kameya’s “Hamazuto”

These sweets are sold at a famous traditional shop in Kyoto limited in summer.
Amber colored agar is set in a clam shell, a single bean of miso flavored hama natto is set inside. Then it’s wrapped in a white cedar leaf, giving it a cool refreshing appearance.
Insert your nail into the gap of shellfish, and enjoy the beauty inside as you peel apart the shell.
You can keep for up to one month in the refrigerator, and they are best eaten cold.

#2 Toraya’s “Bidoro dama”

Famous for its youkan (sweet bean paste), Toraya also makes excellent fresh sweets. With a number of storied sweets, in summer must you try the “Bidoro dama”, created in 2009. Their lovely appearance will surely put a smile on your face.

#3 Kurogi’s “Warabi mochi”( pudding made from bracken starch)

Affiliated with the famous Michelin starred “Kurogi” shop, the “warabi mochi” you get at “Kuriya Kashi Kurogi”, is authentic warabi made with real warabi (bracken) starch, a rarity nowadays.
You can get made fresh at that shop.

#4 Shiose’s “Natsu sugata”

Shiose is famous for its grated yam filled manju, however in summer you should try the “Natsu Sugata”, agar with goldfish swimming inside. This goldfish motif with give you the feeling of summer.
It can be kept for up to 90 days.

#5 Minamoto Kitchoan’s “Rikunohoujyu”

Loved by Cleopatra, known as the queen of grapes, these luscious sweets are made entirely from Muscat of Alexandria.
Muscat wrapped Gyuhi(Kind of rice cake made by kneading) and topped with powdered sugar, this simple sweet has a beautiful feel and truly deserves to be called “Houjyu(orb)”. It really reminds you the thought of the people who gave it the name.
Eating in one bite will enhance the refreshing sweetness of these sweets.