3 Yummy Fruits To Savour In Japan

3 Yummy Fruits To Savour In Japan

Japan is a paradise for foodies as different prefectures will specialise in the growing of different fruits such that they are more delicious than the norm. Let’s learn where to get the best fruits!

1) La France Pears (Niigata)

Originating in France, La France pears are so savoury and sweet that they are known as the “Queen of Fruits”. When you are in Yamagata Prefecture, be sure to consume some La France pears, for it produces some 80% of all La France pears in Japan.

Its skin may not look all that appealing, but be won over by its melt-in-the-mouth texture as well as rich aroma!

2) Piones and Shine Muscats (Okayama)

For yummy grapes, look no further than Okayama Prefecture which is famed for producing grapes that pack a punch in terms of flavor. The light green grapes are known as Shine Muscat grapes and are a seedless variety that delights your tastebuds with its succulent edible skin and mellow fragrance.

Likewise, the purple Piones are seedless and give your palate a refreshing lift. Their skin is easy to peel, thus allowing you to savor their layered taste: rich sweetness tinged with a moderately sour taste. No wonder they are also called “Black Pearls”!

3) Sun Meigetsu Apples (Nagano)

Nagano Prefecture is one of Japan’s top apple-growing regions; the apples there are cultivated high up in the mountains and bestowed with ample sunlight, so you can rest assured that they are juicy and sweet. Take for instance San Meigetsu apples. They boast a crisp texture and can even be inputted with honey for their natural sweetness to be accentuated!Japanese farmers put in a lot of ‘kodawari’ (pursuit of quality), so they ensure oh-so-addictive freshness in every bite you take of their fruits. Itadakimasu!